About Us

More Options for the Future through Web3

In a time where all kinds of changes are occurring in the economy and society, we will contribute to solving human and social issues by using blockchain technology.

Company Name Turingum K.K.
Establishment Date June 7, 2019
Capital ties Kushim,Inc. (listed on TSE Standard) Consolidated subsidiary
Services Consulting, software development, blockchain research and deveopment
Representative Hiroki Tahara, Ryo Tanaka
Headquarter 6-7-2 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Our team

  • Hiroki Tahara

    Hiroki Tahara

    Chief Technology Officer

    While enrolling in the University of Tokyo, Hiroki got certified as Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant. He went on to the Faculty of Engineering and founded Turingum K.K. He became CEO of TUringum in May 2023 while working as CTO for its parent company Kushim.

  • Ryo Tanaka

    Chief Business Officer

    After working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and a Web3 startup, he was involved in the launch of LINE's blockchain and NFT business and served as vice chairman of the JCBA NFT committee. He joined Turingum in 2022 and leads business development.

  • Enami

    Yoshihiro Enami

    Statutory Auditor

    After working at Canon as a new grad, he joined the international division at KPMG AZSA LLC, where he was in charge of accounting audits of the manufacturing and software industries. He serves as an auditor at Turingum. He is a certified accountant/Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant.

  • Mise

    Shuhei Mise


    After graduating from Waseda University, Shuhei worked at megabanks and foreign banks before launching the blockchain business at bitFlyer. He then joined Turingum and became CEO in 2020. He retired as CEO in May 2023 and became its advisor.

  • Naoto Sato

    Naoto Sato

    Chief Consultant

    After winning the special award at (Inno)vation 2019, he became a freelance engineer that develops multiple applications in the XR and blockchain area, while writing tech articles and giving lectures. At Turingum, he manages the system consulting department and leads the tokenomics design and blockchain system development in DeFi and GameFi both domestically and globally. As an external project, he was involved in Empath, a tool for DeFi and GameFi.

  • Kosuke Ito

    Kosuke Ito

    Lead Blockchain Architect

    While attending the University of Tokyo, he worked for Aerial Partners as blockchain engineer and researcher. He won the top prize at the Blockchain Hackathon 2019 organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. He then co-founded Turingum, where he develops systems related to multiple blockchains including Ethereum, COSMOS, and Bitcoin.

  • egami

    Yusuke Egami

    Director of Product Development

    After graduating from Osaka City University, he worked for more than 10 years as a lead engineer and manager in development. In 2018, he joined Aerial Partners and has been leading development as an engineering manager. Since 2023, he has been involved with Turingum, handling multiple Web3 projects. He won the grand prize at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Blockchain Hackathon in 2019.