Starting Web3 Business from scratch

As a pioneer in the blockchain space, Turingum offers comprehensive solutions from planning, development, to operation. These solutions are based on our expertise in the latest Web3 technologies together with our development capabilities.

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  • Galxe
  • Enish
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  • Galxe
  • Enish
  • Coin check
  • pacific meta
  • Galxe
  • Enish
  • Coin check
  • pacific meta


We support the launch of Web3 business

Web3 Project Planning

We offer planning proposals and consulting for launching Web3 businesses. This includes chain selection during NFT and token planning, support for capital policy, and creation of white papers, with numerous achievements in these areas.

System Development

Not only blockchain engineers with rich experience in issuing NFTs and tokens, but also engineers with the necessary skill sets to realize the plans will carry out the development.

International Partnerships

We leverage our connections with leading exchanges, marketplaces, and guilds both domestically and internationally, which are difficult to appoint new, to support and negotiate for your projects.


  • TOKYO BEAST Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    Turingum launches the completely original web3 IP project TOKYO BEAST with gumi Inc. and TOKYO BEAST FZCO as a joint project. Turingham will play a highly specialised tokenomics design and blockchain development role, building a token economic sphere in blockchain gaming.

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    SNPIT Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    SNPIT, a blockchain game jointly developed by Turing Gum and GALLUSYS Corporation and published by ZEAL NOVA DMCC. Yasushi Akimoto has been appointed as Strategic Advisor. 'SNPIT' is a brand new Snap to Earn service that offers a ground-breaking Game-Fi experience utilizing smartphone cameras. Turingham plays the role of tokenomics design and builds the token economic sphere in the blockchain game.

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  • WizardryBC

    Drecom Co., Ltd. Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    Create and operate a blockchain game as a joint venture with Drecom, a provider of social games that use the "Wizardly" IP. Turingum takes on the role of designing highly specialized tokenomics, and builds a token economic zone in the blockchain game.

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How Our Services Work Schedule

Members experienced in Web3 business will support your company's business through a one-stop solution.

  1. Step 1

    Free Consultation

    We will listen to your situation and concerns.

  2. Step 2

    Proposal and Contract

    We will propose a goal and plan according to your situation. Consultants and engineers who are well-versed in a wide range of fields from DeFi to NFTs and GameFi will be assigned to your project.

  3. Step 3

    Research & Business Planning

    We will conduct competitive research, technical investigations, and thorough checks of legal requirements. We will discuss and finalize the plan focusing on the monetization points and sustainability of the project you want to realize.

    *Additional fees will apply if thorough checks through our legal advisors are necessary.

  4. Step 4

    Proof of Concept with MVP

    Based on the plan, we will validate the business concept through experiments with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

  5. Step 5

    Development for Service Launch

    We will carry out the necessary development towards the full-scale commercialization.

  6. Step 6

    Release & Operation

    We will support you through to the service release, including troubleshooting on-chain issues. Maintenance and operational support will be provided as needed.

    *Additional fees will apply.


  • Hiroki Tahara

    Hiroki Tahara

    Chief Technology Officer

    While enrolling in the University of Tokyo, Hiroki got certified as Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant. He went on to the Faculty of Engineering and founded Turingum K.K. He became CEO of TUringum in May 2023 while working as CTO for its parent company Kushim.

  • Ryo Tanaka

    Chief Business Officer

    After working for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and a Web3 startup, he was involved in the launch of LINE's blockchain and NFT business and served as vice chairman of the JCBA NFT committee. He joined Turingum in 2022 and leads business development.