For those considering NFT/FT business Marugoto token

Having trouble getting your NFT or crypto asset/token project off the ground?
Launched an NFT business but unsure how to expand further?

We resolve these challenges. Support examples:

Planning/designing businesses utilizing NFTs or tokens
Designing token utilities and capital strategies
Marketing initiatives via NFT distribution systems
Enhancing value of issued tokens (market making, introductions to exchanges, etc.)
Whitepaper creation
Corporate seminars
The initial online consultation is free, so feel free to apply.

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For those looking to grow their Web3 business Web3 consulting system development service

We provide consulting and system development support to drive Web3 business initiatives. We assign experienced consultants and engineers to propel your projects forward. We tackle a wide range of challenges in the Web3 space, including NFT issuance, listing tokens on exchanges, identifying legal and accounting/audit considerations, and more overarching solutions for Web3 endeavors.

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wallet support

For those struggling with managing FT or NFTs Enterprise Wallet introduction support

If your crypto assets are managed by a corporation, we recommend using an enterprise wallet.

We have extensive experience in project management and design work when introducing enterprise wallets, so we can propose solutions if you have any practical problems or at the consideration stage.

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For those considering building their own blockchain Turingum business chain

Turingum Business Chain is a Layer 2 solution that provides the easiest user experience on Ethereum.

This is a service that allows businesses entering the Web3 business to easily build original blockchains that are highly customizable to suit the business they want to run or the platform they want to build.



  • TOKYO BEAST Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    Turingum launches the completely original web3 IP project TOKYO BEAST with gumi Inc. and TOKYO BEAST FZCO as a joint project. Turingham will play a highly specialised tokenomics design and blockchain development role, building a token economic sphere in blockchain gaming.


    SNPIT Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    SNPIT, a blockchain game jointly developed by Turing Gum and GALLUSYS Corporation and published by ZEAL NOVA DMCC. Yasushi Akimoto has been appointed as Strategic Advisor. 'SNPIT' is a brand new Snap to Earn service that offers a ground-breaking Game-Fi experience utilizing smartphone cameras. Turingham plays the role of tokenomics design and builds the token economic sphere in the blockchain game.

  • WizardryBC

    Drecom Co., Ltd. Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    Create and operate a blockchain game as a joint venture with Drecom, a provider of social games that use the "Wizardly" IP. Turingum takes on the role of designing highly specialized tokenomics, and builds a token economic zone in the blockchain game.

  • Skeb Coin Tokenomics Design Comprehensive Support

    Skeb Coin, a project that enables smooth transactions between users and creators on Skeb, the largest illustration platform in Japan with over 2.5 million user base. Comprehensive support for token planning and issuance support, marketing and smart contract development.

  • NCXC Tokenomics Design and Development Support

    Project that aims to create the NCXC GameFi Platform, a game distribution platform specialized for blockchain games. The first phase provides the feature to earn NCXC based on activity on SIX POKER. Support from token design to development to add token utility.

  • Zilliqa Token Listing Support

    Zilliqa is a global project that aims to solve the scalability and 51% attack problems that conventional blockchain faces. Assisted with listing in Japan, from drafting the form to be submitted to the JVCEA to preparing answers to questions.

  • Zaif Blockchain System Development

    Developed the trading system for the NFT Marketplace of Zaif, one of the leading crypto asset exchanges in Japan with a large number of users. Worked with client-side engineers on the development of the Zaif NFT Marketplace contract and related back-end systems.