Backend Engineer

Job Description

The Backend Engineer sought for this position will be involved the development of web applications that use blockchain technology.

Development Environment and Tools

TypeScript (NodeJS), Rust, Python / Docker / GraphQL / The Graph / Key management service / Amazon Web Services / PostgreSQL, MySQL / git + Github / Notion


  • Knowledge and experience in web application backend development
  • Experience in TypeScript development
  • Database (RDB, NoSQL) schema design and efficient query creation
  • Experience in operating web applications and knowledge of security
  • Ability to design and propose solutions based on the characteristics of the application
  • General knowledge of basic computer science
  • Interest in web3 related technologies


  • In-depth knowledge and skills in Ethereum/Bitcoin
  • Familiarity with the backend stack of Web3 application development (The Graph, Meta Transaction, AWS KMS, etc…)
  • Experience and understanding of Uniswap/Opensea and other Dapps

Application Form