Sales Planner & Consultant

Job Description

The Sales Planner and Consultant sought for this position will listen to and analyze the situation of customers who are considering services using public blockchain, and make proposals that maximize the value of their business.
In the development stage, they act as a bridge between the client and the engineers, communicating the client’s requirements to the engineers, and communicating the engineers’ opinions to the client.
They also develop plans for our own services.


Telegram, LINE, slack, power point, excel


  • Knowledge of public blockchain-based businesses (especially DeFi and NFT)
  • Knowledge and insight into the market
  • Ability to read and write simple code
  • Experience and understanding of Uniswap/Opensea and other Dapps
  • Knowledge of CryptoEconomics of distributed protocols


  • Experience in public blockchain consulting
  • Experience in developing smart contracts using simple Solidity
  • Knowledge of the latest DeFi and hacking cases
  • Experience working in the application development field

Application Form